Holiday Season Self-Love

December is here and ’tis the season for parties, shopping, indulging, and stress! I absolutely adore this time of year, but often find myself feeling overwhelmed and run down. I have a tendency to want everything to be perfect and don’t want to miss a single minute of it. Who’s with me? In order to keep afloat and enjoy all the memories and good times, I have realized how important it is to take care of myself. I’ve come up with some simple “self-care” (anyone else kind of over this buzzword?) things to keep my mind, body, and spirit feeling energized, healthy and full!

  1. Pick one thing to treat yourself to! I know everyone is excited to be buying gifts for other’s, but it’s just as important to give yourself a little something too. To kick off the season this year I decided to get a facial. I absolutely ADORE facials and haven’t had one is way over a year!! It was honestly the most relaxing hour of my life and my skin has become a major passion project of mine this year. I figured this was something I never do for myself and really needed/wanted! I got a dermaplane facial at Dallas Beauty Lounge in downtown Pittsburgh and it did not disappoint!
  2. Mindfulness. I think mindfulness is a fabulous practice for everyone to start. It’s something that is unique to each individual. Some people might meditate for 5 minutes in the morning, some may write what they’re grateful for each night before bed. I have been trying to work some breathing exercises into my day, especially when I’m starting to feel overwhelmed. I take 7 breathes in and 12 breathes out a few times. Find a practice that relaxes and centers you that you can do any point throughout the day.
  3. Exercise. I know it’s hard with the extra busy days and not to mention shorter days, but simple tricks like taking the stairs, going for a walk around the office at lunch, committing to a workout class 3x a week will help keep you’re body strong and happy.
  4. Eat greens. Repeat. Eat greens. Christmas cookies are delicious and should be eaten, but spinach is also delicious and your body will thank you. Keep your energy levels high and body thankful for the nutrients!
  5. Spread Love and Cheer. Give extra hugs and kisses. Donate to the Salvation Army and local food bank. Spend time thinking about the gifts you want to give loved ones and how to present it to them. Appreciate the love you have around you.

How do you take care of yourself over the holiday season?



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