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One thing I preach over and over again is the importance of true style being completely personal to YOU! When you know what you love, what is flattering on your body, and what makes you feel amazing then you will radiate confidence!! Your face lights up, your eyes sparkle and people notice your glow! This is what is important, not falling prey to every trend that cycles through.

When Alex from House of Colour contacted me about doing a color analysis, I jumped at the opportunity! House of Colour has been offering the best personal Color and Style analysis since the mid 1980s. The roots of color analysis go back to Hollywood where Robert Dorr, an artist who knew of Johannes Itten’s theories of colour groupings developed in the Bauhaus, observed how an actress could look wonderful one day, yet tired and older another; he recognized this was the effect of the colour she was wearing on her skin and the beginnings of color analysis were born. This developed quickly into a 4 seasons analysis framework. “While fashions, trends and fads come and go, the theory of color, as interpreted by House of Colour, remains based in science, logic and objectivity; enabling every client to take their individual WOW! colors and look and feel wonderful. Your confidence grows and the journey to empowerment begins!”

Did you know that you have a unique personal coloring?  Did you also know that your unique skin tone, eye, and hair color cause some colors to enhance your appearance? Wearing colors that harmonize with your ‘personal palette’ will make you look younger, healthier, brighter and even thinner.

This makes perfect sense but I feel like it is often overlooked. We are usually preoccupied with fit and pattern, the color takes a back seat.

Alex and I spent 3 hours together going through the process and principles of color science to discover my color season.  Going through lots (I mean, lots) of scarfs, we established I am a SPRING!!! I literally loved every single color and once we figured it out, it was so obvious that the warm and bright hues made me pop! After defining my personal color palette, we matched some mineral powder, blush, and lipsticks that will become my new go-to’s!

Alex recommended I focus on colors that are light, bright, splashy, and clear. I should always add a pop of color and remember my lipstick!

As all the selfies would indicate this experience was SO fun and informative! BUT what I got out of it that I was not expecting was how inspired I was to add more color to my everyday looks and play around with color combinations in my outfits. It’s like I almost forgot how fun and exciting color is! I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time because I felt amazing seeing the colors around me!

Alex gave me a handy wallet with my colors ranked so I can pull it out whenever I’m shopping and want to check if a certain color is in my palette. How fun!

I can’t wait to go through my closet and curate amazing looks with all my Spring colors!

I HIGHLY recommend a Color Consultation if you are curious about what hues are yours. We all deserve to feel delighted and beautiful in what we’re wearing – this is a fabulous tool to have in your back pocket, or should I say our Tory Burch handbag 🙂 Thank you House of Colour for this awesome experience!

Alex is offering $20 off makeup when you schedule a Colour Analysis appointment. Make sure to mention @thefemhem when you schedule at



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