Refresh Your Home for Summer

I have the windows wide open, the sun is shining, and I can smell fresh cut grass. Summer is around the corner!!! Did you know that redecorating can generate fresh ideas, help clear your mind, and provide a new outlook on your space and the beauty of your life in general? There are so many simple things you can do to switch up your decor that doesn’t require much time or resources.

Here are a few simple updates that help me switch things up and “makeover” my living space so it remains a place of joy and comfort!


A few new pillows are the easiest way to change up the look of your living (or bedroom)! Brighten up your space with some blue tones, coral, tassels or subtle neutral florals for a warmer weather vibe. Don’t be afraid to mix the patterns and textures of your pillows. The variety creates interest and is a playful touch!


Add a few fresh pieces to your coffee table vignette! I love including a new candle of coconut or sea breeze scent (something that reminds me of the ocean), unique coasters, and seasonal coffee table books to the mix. I’ve incorporated ones that inspire me to create or try something new for the season!


Summer calls for embracing all things outdoors and there’s no better time to add fresh blooms to your indoor space. I recently killed my fiddle fig plant (why are they so hard to keep alive?), but you can also add small vases of flowers throughout your space, put succulents on the wall or in the windowsill, place a snake plant in a woven basket (my goal for this space!) Anything to keep it fresh!


Tis’ the season for entertaining so keep your bar area stocked and ready! Besides the obligatory champagne and tequila that I always have on hand, make sure to have pretty glassware, a fancy decanter, and the bar cart essentials! When a friend pops by you can easily whip up a spicy marg with no stress.


I maintain a neutral palate throughout my apartment but love to mix it up with some statement serving pieces that I keep out on the counter. A colorful bowl or brightly patterned plates are something you can bring out during this time of year and replace with something darker and more subtle in the fall/winter. I always love to keep fresh citrus out for a pop of color and easy access when cooking, as well!

Happy refreshing your home for summer!



Photography by the lovely Wellesley & King

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